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Google focuses on quality content

Google focuses on quality content

In April Google released Penguin to the world. Penguin is Google’s latest algorithm that determines how pages are returned when you search.

As ever Google have been refining their algorithm to make sure that when you do enter a search you get the most relevant, high-quality results that are closest to what you’re looking for. Effectively they’re working to eliminate poor websites that cannot be trusted and lack useful content.

This latest update is primarily focused on rewarding quality content which is great news for those with well written websites and highlights the importance of well-crafted website content as part of a good SEO strategy.

So what elements should you review on your website?

  • Make sure you have unique, engaging content on every page of your site.
  • Yes, use your keywords in the content but not so much that they over-power the content and cause it to lose appeal.
  • Write with the ease you speak with. You wouldn’t say ‘keyword’ in your ‘keyword’ sentences several ‘keyword’ times, would you?!
  • Let your website flow. Make sure it’s easy to navigate and user-friendly to read.
  • Make sure to link to relevant content within your own site. This will help the site to flow and guide visitors to the content they’re looking for.
  • Build an off-site network of quality links using social media and article publishing sites

Best of all make sure your site has a personal touch that invites people in an compels them to stay.